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Mike Wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson Comedian - Laugh Out Loud Comedy CLubs

Mike Wilkinson is one of a kind – he has the ability takes a bemused glance at the world and then throws it a smile. Mike’s a veteran of the circuit and grew up in the comedy world also side his friend and fellow northern funnyman, Peter Kay. Audiences can’t seem to get enough of his quirky, engaging story telling and his delivery is timed perfectly all adding up to make Mike one the best comedians in the country.

As a result, he is also incredibly well respected amongst comedians and as a result has been selected to support comedians such as Peter Kay, Johnny Vegas and Ross Noble. Wilkinson is full to the brim with northern charm, when he’s not killing it on the comedy scene he’s probably working on his farm rearing his own hens!

Excellent” City Life

Relaxed and confident stage presence” The Last Laugh

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