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Henrik Elmer

Henrik Elmer is a favourite act amongst promoters and comedy audiences all over the world. Deadpan, deliberate and downright funny, his twisted observations could only come from a man with a compulsion to throw his keys in the river every time he goes over a bridge.

Currently based in Sweden, but performing regularly all over the world, Henrik makes frequent visits to the UK – and is always well-received.Although rarely seen or heard on British broadcasting, Henrik is more than a little famous in his native Sweden, with appearances on numerous programmes that it would be fairly pointless to list here. He is currently working on a feature film, scheduled to be filmed in Sweden over the autumn of 2006, and is always in demand all over Scandinavia.

In August 2006 Henrik will take his first English-language solo show, ‘The Sweirdish Mind of Henrik Elmer’, to the Edinburgh Fringe. The show was born after Henrik had a great idea for a TV show and was looking for an unusual way to present it to channel and comedy commissioners. It showcases his absurdism, his surreally logical humour and his gift for quality writing.

“Deadpan Swede with masterful timing … his control was masterful” Three Weeks

“Somewhat downbeat and very funny … an interesting vein of quirky humour” Time Out

“Uses uniquely twisted Nordic logic to produce an off-beat, but very funny, set” Chortle

“Laid back and extremely funny … cleverly constructed gags” BBC 7

“The crowd lapped up his humour like a thirsty dog” BBC Lincolnshire

“Speaks far better English than most of his British-born colleague” The Guardian

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