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Theatres & Art Centres


  • We are the only company in the UK which specialises in working with theatres, arts centres and arenas. As such we are also the largest!
  • We understand the theatre industry culture and are well accustomed to working within very busy programming and marketing schedules.
  • We take an immense amount care in all of the pre-show preparation for our shows: From the booking of the best professional acts to the set up and running of the show on the night.
  • We’re only happy when the show is brilliant, not merely good, as an amazing show will send people away buzzing and bring them back with friends!

Partnership with you

  • We rarely work on fixed budgets as it means you take all the financial risk. We feel a split is both fair and mutually beneficial. So we take financial risk on a split basis.

We invest

  • We’d rather risk losing money on the first year of a show and build it with advertising, marketing and hard work than make a quick buck and see the night die off for lack of investment and professionalism.

We think long term

  • Of course some shows sell out right from the first night which is great for the crowd, the comedians, the venue and us but when they don’t sell out we carry on working hard until we get there!

We care

  • The bigger companies don’t. To be fair to them they can’t. If they run an existing weekly comedy club you’ll always be playing second fiddle to that in terms of their priorities.

We care about the show

  • We take a high amount of care in details and making sure the comedy is brilliant
  • We attend every show
  • Some comedy companies don’t even set foot in the venue and will run a comedy night literally anywhere.
  • You are our first priority in your area and unlike some other companies we only take on other nights in your area with your agreement and only if they will compliment what we do with you

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    Independent Venues

    • 4 top pro comedians including the MC and all our shows are different with every changing line ups
    • We charge less than a lot of the big clubs; the same standard of show is £22 in Manchester
    • All our shows are at beautiful theatres and art centres; No typical stag and hens do’s
    • While groups of all kind are welcome when there is a large party in they tend to behave just as well as everyone else and they sit back relax and enjoy the show

    Get in touch to find out more about how we can work together